Since the late sixties screen printed t-shirts have become a form of self expression in cultures around the world. Rather your supporting your favorite sport team, making a political statement or just have something funny to share there is no better way to do it than with a custom printed t-shirt. The internet, and direct to garment printing technology have made it easier than ever! will soon be lowering their minimum t-shirt order to one garment making it easier for you to express yourself. Many have already begun to make headlines by designing their own t-shirts.
Igor Vovkovinskiy, a seven foot and eight inch tall man from Rochester, Minn towered over other spectators at the Target Center in Minneapolis during a recent presidential convention. Though many were wearing their favorite Obama T-shirts Igor’s custom made t-shirt stood out like a billboard reading “World’s Biggest, Obama Supporter.” He was immediately spotted by President Obama, and the men in space. He was able to score a photo with the President and his undoubtedly extra tall custom t-shirt.

Raed Jarrar received 240,000 for his t-shirt that ban him from boarding a plane in August of 2006. His custom printed t-shirt contained Arabic writing that translated to “we will not be silent”. I have to say that I am encouraged to grow a thick beard, grab some prayer beads, a turban and custom t-shirt of my own to see if I too could be racially profiled and have my freedom of speech violated for a 250,000 cash out.
Students in the Palmerton Area School District got the attention of the district and the ACLU when they wore t-shits protesting the schools new dress code. The t-shirts simply said “Property of PHS” and contained their student identification number. At least one student was given an in school suspension for using the custom printed t-shirt to exercise his rights under the First Amendment. The t-shirts where not protesting that t-shirts had been ban, because they had not, it was protesting that the school had ban piercing any place but the ears and hair dyed any shade of florescent. My two cents on this t-shirt scandal? Instead of punishing these kids reward them for having a great idea. Use the “Property of PHS” t-shirts as the new school uniform. Everyone loves t-shirts and they are comfortable. Additionally, with digital printing technology bar codes could even be added to the t-shirts making roll call a snap. will be standing by for your order.