Custom screen printed shirts are an excellent choice to
supply employees with affordable, casual work attire. Of course, with cheap
custom shirts, you do run the risk of losing some professionalism. However,
that can be easily rectified with a bit of savvy know how.
Here are a few custom shirt designs and ideas to help you
give your employees professional looking custom work shirts.
The Color.
It’s very important to take color theory into
consideration when brainstorming custom shirt designs. Black is definitely the
most professional color you can choose, but it tends to make the wearer feel
hot rather quickly. This can lead to some discomfort for employees. While it’s
still a great choice, it might not be best for some companies.
Instead, you should opt for a more muted, less vibrant
shade of red, green, or blue. Each of these colors can convey a certain kind of
mood or emotion. Red is invigorating, and might inspire people’s appetites,
which makes it great for restaurants or caterers. Blue conveys a sense of
trust, which is why it’s so dominant throughout many a bank’s website. Because
customers might subconsciously trust a person wearing blue, it’s also great for
businesses that hope to have a lot of impulse buyers.
The Graphics.
Naturally, you’re going to want to make your store logo a
dominant part of your custom shirt designs, but be careful. Many stores might
like to put their logo right on the front of the shirt, but this can come
across a little flashy and detract from a sense of professionalism. Instead,
good custom shirt designs put a small logo on the breast, and maybe a larger
one on the back of the shirt, where there’s more room to work with anyways.
The Material.
As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you
skimp on the cost of materials, then no matter how great or professional your
custom shirt designs are, your employees’ attire is going to look shabby, since
cheaper shirts wear out faster and stain easier. Think about these shirts as an
investment — not an expense. Your employees reflect your company, so you want
them to look great. Even though it might cost extra for higher quality, premium
shirts, you’ll get more for your money.

As long as you keep these custom shirt designs in mind
when when working with your shirt printing company, you’ll create solid,
professional work attire. If you have any questions about these custom shirt
designs, feel free to ask