Screen printed t-shirts are a great promotional item to
give away. Of course, if you were to just quickly make them with little thought
in regards to design, then chances are nobody will wear them unless they’re
doing yard work or going to bed. You want people to wear your shirts, enjoy
them, and help spread the word about your business. The best way to ensure that
people will actually wear the screen printed t-shirts that you spent good money
on is to create the kind of t-shirts that people will want to wear.
Here are a few neat design ideas to help you make cool
shirts that go above and beyond typical promotional swag.
1. Glow-in-the-Dark Ink.
If you plan on making black screen printed t-shirts,
consider adding some glow-in-the-dark ink to your design. You can use
glow-in-the-dark ink to enhance a cool graphic, or even as a stand alone,
special effect. The key is to incorporate it in a way that’s organic to the
design. You don’t want to randomly use it to print your business’s name. If you
have stars, ghosts, or something similar in your design, then you should
definitely consider using it to make your screen printed t-shirts‘ design
really pop.
2. Logo Placement.
Most companies put their logo front and center on their
promotional t-shirts, but consider getting creative with your logo placement.
If it’s not where people expect to see a logo, then they’re going to take a
second look, ensuring that they’re exposed to your brand. A more edgy place to
put the logo would be on the side of your screen printed t-shirts, closer to
the ribs. Many musical artists used this graphic design some years ago with
great effect. Another great alternative logo placement is to put a smaller
company logo on the breast of the shirt, and a larger one on the back.
Firefighters commonly use this graphic design on their screen printed t-shirts.
3. Surprises.
A cool new design that’s been cropping up in a few places
is to print a question on the front of the shirt, and a face on the inside of
the shirt’s stomach area, which can then be turned up to look like the wearer
has a mask on. Say for example you owned an insurance company. If you had a
mascot, you can print its face on the inside and put a question like “Who
can save me a ton of money on my insurance?” on the front.
Cheap custom shirts and custom sweatshirts can help
spread the word about your company by turning loyal fans of your brand into
walking advertisements. It’s easy to start your promotional campaign–just
contact a shirt printing company, collaborate together, and you’ll quickly have
some awesome customized shirts to give away to your favorite customers.

Using these three ideas can help ensure that people won’t
just wear your screen printed t-shirts to bed–that they’ll wear them out in
public and generate a buzz about your company. If you have any questions about
creating the coolest screen printed t-shirts, feel free to contact