Because nothing goes better with a with a well worn ringer t shirt than a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s and I have developed a very close relationship. For years I have spread the good word of their outstanding service. One time I was traveling and the seam blew out on a brand new pair of vans. As always, I was on a shoe string budget (pun intended) so I was, stranded with only the t-shirt on my back, and a handsome smile. I called Zappos and they had a new pair for me at my hotel the following morning. Another time, while living abroad, I was having trouble placing an order. I called in and the problem was quickly resolved. A week later i got a handwritten card in the mail letting me that they enjoyed helping me and wished me the best of luck sporting my new kicks. This week Zappos got my attention with their brilliant marketing. They have a new t-shirt and it only cost $50,000! Zappos cease and desist t-shirt comes with a guarantee to stop your wife from shopping at Zappos. I don’t know if it will sell but it definitely got me to the site and of course I have a new pair of chucks. Now, off to look for a new reto t-shirt.