There are many people in this world whose ingenuity I truly admire. Ranking at the top would be Subway spokesperson Jared and independent film maker Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me). These guys managed to make a nice chunk of change doing what I do best. Eating! Now, I probably couldn’t’t choke down Micky D’s for a month nor would I be able to keep myself from pudging back up to a plus size t-shirt but, I could definitely do what my latest hero is doing. Jason is making his way in this world by sporting custom t shirts for whoever is willing to pay him. He is currently sold out till through June and if he sells out the year he will make at least $66,000. And, have to do very little laundry! If your willing to pay the going rate, which is now at a min of $200.00, he will show off your small business uniform, religious t-shirt, greek t-shirt or you can create your own t shirt for him. He will also take photos and blog about his experience wearing your shirt. We are going to keep track of Jason at and see if his year sells out.