What Makes a Great Shirt Design?

The Internet has made it easier than ever to
custom design shirts for any occasion — be they custom work shirts for your
employees or custom team shirts for your kickball team. However, although shirt
printing companies can vouch for the quality of their ink and their shirts,
they cannot necessarily vouch for the quality of your designs. They can work
with you to create the best possible custom shirt designs, but it’s ultimately
up to you.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best
custom shirt designs you possibly can.


Good custom shirt designs are simple, because
it helps to make them memorable. Think about all of the most recognizable shirt
design you’ve ever seen, from the Che Guevara shirt to the “I Love
NY” shirt. You instantly know what they are, and there’s relatively little
going on. The key is to make something unique that’s not overly done.


Your custom shirt designs should also be
appropriate for the shirt’s purpose. If you’re designing something for your
bowling team, it can be fun and creative. If you’re making something for a
fundraising event, it should be a bit less casual. When drafting designs, think
about who will wear your shirts, where, when, and why.


What’s going to set your design apart from the
others? Though a lot of imagery is logical, much of it is overused. Think about
how many designs there are with arrows and globes, for example. Break away from
the ordinary and come up with something truly unique that translates well to a

So long as your design is simple, appropriate,
and unique, it’ll be great. Keep these points in mind as you plan and
brainstorm your shirts, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to hand your
design to the shirt printer! If you have any questions about how to design the
best possible shirt, feel free to ask in the comments.

Three Things to Consider When Designing Custom Work Shirts

Custom screen printed shirts are an excellent choice to
supply employees with affordable, casual work attire. Of course, with cheap
custom shirts, you do run the risk of losing some professionalism. However,
that can be easily rectified with a bit of savvy know how.
Here are a few custom shirt designs and ideas to help you
give your employees professional looking custom work shirts.
The Color.
It’s very important to take color theory into
consideration when brainstorming custom shirt designs. Black is definitely the
most professional color you can choose, but it tends to make the wearer feel
hot rather quickly. This can lead to some discomfort for employees. While it’s
still a great choice, it might not be best for some companies.
Instead, you should opt for a more muted, less vibrant
shade of red, green, or blue. Each of these colors can convey a certain kind of
mood or emotion. Red is invigorating, and might inspire people’s appetites,
which makes it great for restaurants or caterers. Blue conveys a sense of
trust, which is why it’s so dominant throughout many a bank’s website. Because
customers might subconsciously trust a person wearing blue, it’s also great for
businesses that hope to have a lot of impulse buyers.
The Graphics.
Naturally, you’re going to want to make your store logo a
dominant part of your custom shirt designs, but be careful. Many stores might
like to put their logo right on the front of the shirt, but this can come
across a little flashy and detract from a sense of professionalism. Instead,
good custom shirt designs put a small logo on the breast, and maybe a larger
one on the back of the shirt, where there’s more room to work with anyways.
The Material.
As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you
skimp on the cost of materials, then no matter how great or professional your
custom shirt designs are, your employees’ attire is going to look shabby, since
cheaper shirts wear out faster and stain easier. Think about these shirts as an
investment — not an expense. Your employees reflect your company, so you want
them to look great. Even though it might cost extra for higher quality, premium
shirts, you’ll get more for your money.

As long as you keep these custom shirt designs in mind
when when working with your shirt printing company, you’ll create solid,
professional work attire. If you have any questions about these custom shirt
designs, feel free to ask TheShirtPrinter.com.

Three Ways to Make Really Great Promotional T-Shirts

Screen printed t-shirts are a great promotional item to
give away. Of course, if you were to just quickly make them with little thought
in regards to design, then chances are nobody will wear them unless they’re
doing yard work or going to bed. You want people to wear your shirts, enjoy
them, and help spread the word about your business. The best way to ensure that
people will actually wear the screen printed t-shirts that you spent good money
on is to create the kind of t-shirts that people will want to wear.
Here are a few neat design ideas to help you make cool
shirts that go above and beyond typical promotional swag.
1. Glow-in-the-Dark Ink.
If you plan on making black screen printed t-shirts,
consider adding some glow-in-the-dark ink to your design. You can use
glow-in-the-dark ink to enhance a cool graphic, or even as a stand alone,
special effect. The key is to incorporate it in a way that’s organic to the
design. You don’t want to randomly use it to print your business’s name. If you
have stars, ghosts, or something similar in your design, then you should
definitely consider using it to make your screen printed t-shirts‘ design
really pop.
2. Logo Placement.
Most companies put their logo front and center on their
promotional t-shirts, but consider getting creative with your logo placement.
If it’s not where people expect to see a logo, then they’re going to take a
second look, ensuring that they’re exposed to your brand. A more edgy place to
put the logo would be on the side of your screen printed t-shirts, closer to
the ribs. Many musical artists used this graphic design some years ago with
great effect. Another great alternative logo placement is to put a smaller
company logo on the breast of the shirt, and a larger one on the back.
Firefighters commonly use this graphic design on their screen printed t-shirts.
3. Surprises.
A cool new design that’s been cropping up in a few places
is to print a question on the front of the shirt, and a face on the inside of
the shirt’s stomach area, which can then be turned up to look like the wearer
has a mask on. Say for example you owned an insurance company. If you had a
mascot, you can print its face on the inside and put a question like “Who
can save me a ton of money on my insurance?” on the front.
Cheap custom shirts and custom sweatshirts can help
spread the word about your company by turning loyal fans of your brand into
walking advertisements. It’s easy to start your promotional campaign–just
contact a shirt printing company, collaborate together, and you’ll quickly have
some awesome customized shirts to give away to your favorite customers.

Using these three ideas can help ensure that people won’t
just wear your screen printed t-shirts to bed–that they’ll wear them out in
public and generate a buzz about your company. If you have any questions about
creating the coolest screen printed t-shirts, feel free to contact TheShirtPrinter.com.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Design a T-Shirt

So you’ve decided that you want to make some screenprinted t-shirts; you’ve found a good shirt printing company who can help you
out; and now you’ve got to design them. Your creative juices just aren’t
flowing the way they should and your mind is amuck with needless questions.
What color shirts should you get? What color ink will go well with the color
you choose?
As free as you are to make your custom shirt designs, the
sheer volume of options you have available actually winds up freezing you. With
any and every direction available to you, you just can’t decide which way to
go. Here’s some helpful advice on custom shirt designs to help free you from
your mental blockage so that you can get those shirts made more quickly.
The Artwork.
This is usually pretty easy for business owners looking
to make a work shirt for their employees since they can just use the company
logo, but if you’re making custom team shirts for your recreation league, it
can be a bit more difficult. Thankfully, a lot of companies actually have stock
art that they can use for your custom shirt designs. Choose a piece that looks
nice and fits with the team’s name.
The key here isn’t what you choose–but size and
placement. This applies for those work shirts, too. You don’t want any custom
shirt designs that are huge, which will look too flashy. Instead, it’s best to
either have custom shirt designs with a medium sized graphic on the center of
the chest, or a small one on the front breast with a larger one on back.
The Name.
Whether it’s the company name, the team name, or the
event’s name, you’ve got to have it at least somewhere on the shirt. If you’re
not going to have any artwork in your custom shirt designs (which is a
possibility worth considering) it’s best to put the name front and center. If
you do, put the name either on top or on the bottom of the artwork.
The most important thing to keep in mind with this part
of your custom shirt designs is the font and its size. You don’t want it
dominating, but you do want it big enough so that it can be read from a
distance. Others will also base their impressions on your font. If you have a
wacky, goofy, san-serif font, then they’ll think your shirts are less formal.
If it’s something more formal, then they’ll get a totally different impression
of your custom shirt designs.
The Color Scheme.
The best piece of advice I can offer here is to keep it
simple. This will make your choices a lot easier, and actually bring the total
cost down. When printers need to use more than one ink on your custom shirt
designs, the price goes way up and so does the time it takes to make them.
Instead, pick a nice color for the shirt that you like, and a complimentary
colored ink. If you’re making custom work shirts, keep your employees in mind,
as white will get dirty quickly and become too stained while black may overheat
your employees.

Hopefully now you’ve got the wheels turning out some good
ideas for custom shirt designs. Remember–keep it simple–and you’ll do fine.
If you have any questions about custom shirt designs, feel free to contact TheShirtPrinter.com.